Tango Argentino
how to learn
how to teach


The professional, didactic, and cultural authentic way of Paco Liana to the Argentinian Tango Dance.

Tango Argentino Workshops

The workshop atmosphere is based on professional didactics combined with the joy of teaching and learning.

The better way to learn Tango - The way to dance better.

Not lead and follow, but offer and feel.
Not show and admire, but seduce and enjoy.
Not meet to move, but move to meet.

Instead of more new steps, combinate and polish the known steps.
Instead of artistic and endeavour, harmony and enjoyment.
Instead of speed and stress, safety and calmness.
Instead of studied choreography, common creativity.
Better few movements: prezise and relaxed, than many movements: hasty and sloppy.

how to learn - how to teach Tango