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Paco Liana

Paco Liana, born 1950 in Berlin grew up with music in family. Since the age of 6 years he started playing violine and piano, from 14 years guitar. With 16 years he started to practise Tae-Kwon-Do (korean Karate). After finishing high school he moved to Augsburg, where he studied at the Leopold-Mozart-Conservatory to become a school teacher and classical guitarist. He finished his studies passing the exam as a credential music teacher, and with a master degree in classical guitar.
In the same time he got the black belt in Tae- Kwon- Do, and he visited lectures of anatomy, physiology, gymnastic and sport education at the university.
Finally he has worked as a teacher and lecture in Augsburg at two different high schools, and at the university, where he gave in-service courses for sport teacher, and music teacher students. 1976-1978 P.Liana was assistent professor at music-academy, Hagen.
1970 he specialised in flamenco music, so he has a very long and deep experience in music and dance.

Paco Liana dance tango argentino since 1988. After being a couple of times in Buenos Aires, he started to teach tango in the year 1993. Out of his professional experience and knowledge in music, gymnastic, and didactic he is very strict, and consistent in, and on his way teaching tango, especially in relation to health and anatomy. This provides pleasure in the present and avoids anatomic problems in the future. Tango as an emancipated communication, and not as an egocentric performance!

Paco Liana uses 1000 year old asiatic medical and physical experience in favor to the tango.
Not perfection but correctness, especially for beginners is the only right way to learn.
No comercial agreement which disturbs the original source.

Paco Liana has been taken tango lesson with: G. Naveira, Pablo Veron, M. Pugliese, F. Basso, A.Todaro, P. Avellaneda, E. Arquimbau, Vanina y Roberto, Los Dinzel.
1998 P. Liana is very often asked in TV interviews about tango because of his deep knowledge (Cable-TV, New York. "Solo Tango" Bs. As., German TV, Korean TV), 2000 he has given tango lessons in Buenos Aires.
Since 2003 he is guest-lecturer at "Universidad de Tango" Bs. As.

The workshop takes seven hours on two days.

It is possible to combine the workshop with a concert of Paco Liana solo or with "El abrazo" (voc./git. &/ band.)

Paco Liana speaks english, spanish, and german.

For further information look: www.mai-concert.net.