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Tango Training
Tango-Workshop "D"
for students, teacher, tangodancer from low up to professional level.
This workshop is a professional general supplement to optimize tango dancing on all levels.
Special importance is focussed on following elements:
  • social - mental - body relation and behaving
  • enhancement of anatomic - physiological - orthopaedic- organic - behaving and correlation
  • optimizing of energy, relaxation - tension - balance to themselve and partner
  • movement exercises - knowlege of personal limits - basics of improvisation
  • analyse of personal obstacles, and their avoidance
  • "personal style": reasons and problems for the partner and society
  • music listening, interpretation, and creativity
  • cultural, and social origin, and their influence to the certain characteristic of tango

Tango-Workshop "B"
for beginners
  • walking -- basic-steps -- basic-combinations
  • elegance -- physiological correct dance-position
  • social dancefloor behaviour
  • cultural, and historical knowledge

Location: D- 15827 Blankenfelde (near Berlin) or guestworkshops at the local studio.